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245 000 000 Ft

€635 439
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BUDALIGET, ON A 998 SQUARE METER PLOT (Lke-2/SZ-10), A 160 SQUARE METER FAMILY HOUSE (2010)FOR SALE*-*Near the Gustave Eiffel French Kindergarten, Primary School, and High School.We offer an excellent opportunity for our buyers longing for Buda, who love tranquility, nature, panoramic views, and properties built with quality materials.Our offer includes a family house built in 2010 on a 998 square meter plot (outer walls 38, partition walls 10), which is 160 square meters, 2 levels, with a living room plus 3 separate bedrooms, separate kitchen, dining room, double comfort, pantry, utility room, balcony, and terrace. Everything a homeowner could desire.The mechanical systems are designed for a long life, with a gas boiler and water tank in the property.Certain rooms have built-in furniture in practical layouts, and the kitchen furniture is equipped with appliances.The plot is beautifully maintained, landscaped, and adjacent to a nature reserve area, offering panoramic views to the residents.The area is characterized by good transportation, and you can easily reach home by car.Currently, there is surface parking for storing cars, but a garage can also be arranged as needed.Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to view the property.

Referencia szám: HZ037159-NOK

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